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Information for the live group birthing class

Watch this quick video to see if this class is for you and your support person! It meets 4th Saturday of each month online! Webinar format! Register and pay on this page! Limited space!

Live Childbirth Classes Online

Here is the calendar of upcoming group classes and available private classes.  You can book in the section above!

No upcoming events.

About The Instructor

Kathy Fisher RN

Kathy is an Registered Nurse. She graduated from a RN program in Southern California in 2002. She immediately started as a Labor and Delivery Nurse  was employed at the same hospital for 11 years. She began providing her own pregnancy, childbirth classes in 2012. She has been a childbirth instructor ever since. She also is employed as a High Risk OB Case Manager. Other experience as a RN has been working side by side with Midwives providing home births and birthing center birth


A wealth of information

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Prenatal Class

Free prerecorded informational pregnancy, childbirth classes online.  Private paid consultations available.  Monthly live group Web Classes. Register on Registration page 2-3 weeks prior so handouts can be mailed to you in time for the class. 49.00 2 hour live presentation with question and answer period. 

Importance of Support Person During Labor

PDF accompanies video from above. Your support person(s) are important!!

ImportantSupportPerson (pdf)