The Birth Nurse RN

Pregnancy, Childbirth Classes , The Birth Nurse RN.

The Birth Nurse RN

Pregnancy, Childbirth Classes , The Birth Nurse RN.

Pregnancy, childbirth classes. 


Pregnancy, childbirth classes. 

What We Do

Pregnancy Health


Education from conception through postpartum. Experienced RN will guide you through your process of learning about birth, and beyond. You will be prepared after attending our pregnancy, childbirth classes. 

Labor and Birth


You do need Pregnancy, Childbirth Classes. Knowledge is power and will help you advocate for the birth you desire. We will answer: What happens during labor? What happens when your contractions begin? When do you go to the hospital or birthing center?  What does cervical dilation mean. Do I need a birth plan? What can my partner do to help?  Follow our free videos to answer all of these questions and more. 

Postpartum and Newborn Care


It doesn't end after you take Pregnancy, Childbirth Classes, now that your beautiful baby has been born. More questions will arise. Breast or bottle feed? How many wet diapers are normal? Why is my baby awake all night and not during the day? Can I take my baby out in public as a newborn? What about vaccinations? So many questions!

Everyday Miracles A Celebration

It truly is a Miracle. The experience and memories are truly unforgettable. I have been blessed to be a part of this amazing time in so many lives.  Welcome to the world new little ones. 

Free Birthing Class

  • Healthy Birth -Introduction
  • A Series of videos with PDF's for your childbirth education. (free download available below each video.) 

PDF Free download for Healthy Birth Introduction

This is a downloadable file for you for the Healthy Birth Your Way Introduction. Feel free to print out and save in a notebook that you have for all your birthing needs, notes, and questions.

healthybirth_intro (pdf)


Let Labor Begin on It's Own

Important information regarding the reasons labor should begin on it's own. Elective inductions are not a good idea. (Free PDF below.) 

Let Labor Begin on It's own PDF

Free PDF download for the video above. 

healthybirth_1 (pdf)


Walk, Move, Change Positions

Do not stay in the bed! Early labor or even active labor, laying down will increase your chance of a longer second stage or a Cesarean section! Your baby needs gravity and needs you to help and you do that by moving. This is why, in my experience people think that epidurals cause increased risk of c-section. When you have the epidural you stay in bed. So, do yourself a favor, stay home in early labor and move! When you get to birthing center continue to move, walk rock, labor ball! The monitors can be adjusted. 

Walk and Move!

So important to allow gravity to help you. PDF from above video. 

Walkmove (pdf)


You Need Support!

Your support person(s) are so valuable. They are important and there for you. Allow them to be involved. Talk about what you want from them and of course adjust during labor as needed. 

Avoid Unnecessary Interventions

Some interventions are necessary. Some are not. Watch this video to educate yourself. You need to know what questions to ask and the rational behind recommended interventions. Education is your super power. 

Avoid unnecessary interventions

PDF that coincides with above video. 

Avoidunneededinterventions (pdf)


Get upright and follow urge to push!

Natural or Epidural you should feel urge to push and pressure. Gravity is your friend. 

Urge to Push! Listen to your body!

PDF that belongs with the above video. 

FollowYourInstincts (pdf)


2019 Online Childbirth Class!

This is a full class. It is the down and dirty of what you need to know! Watch at you leisure. Please subscribe and comment!  Thank you for watching.

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